2023-2024 seasonal flu shots are here!

We have received our 2023-2024 seasonal flu vaccines.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend seasonal flu shots for children 6 months and older and especially if there are chronic medical issues such as asthma, heart issues, or diabetes.  It’s also highly recommended that all household contacts of newborns (parents, siblings, caregivers) get vaccinated with the flu shot to protect the newborns since they are not old enough to get the flu shot.  Please call our office to schedule an appointment to get vaccinated.

Our office carry the NEW quadrivalent inactive (4 killed virus strains) Fluzone flu shot.  All of our stock are preservative free. Children 6 months old and up will be eligible to received the flu shot, if this is the first time for any patients 9 years or younger receiving the flu shot, a 2 doses of the vaccine must be given 1 month apart in order to have full immunity benefit.

We also offer this service to our parents as well for your convenience.  If you’d like to get the flu vaccine with us, we do charge an out of pocket fee for the service.  Flu shot is $65.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are now offering Telemedicine/Video Visits and Rapid COVID PCR Testing in office. Meet with your doctor to get a prescribed treatment plan, refill or get a new prescription and much more all from the safety and comfort of your home.