Understanding the Health Insurance Exchange HIX

Due to the confusion caused by conflicting and often confusing information concerning the NY State of Health Exchange and AHCA, we have been receiving many calls inquiring which of these insurance plans we accept at our office. The Health Insurance Exchange is a “work in progress” and informationRead More >

NYULMC Health Information Exchange Consent

As a part of a network of healthcare providers affiliated with NYU Langone Medical Center, our practice also became a part of the recent NYULMC Health Information Exchange system.  What does this means to our patients?  The HIE system is designed for affiliated healthcare providers, i.e., NYU Emergency Room, NYU specialists, orRead More >

Polio vaccine guidance for travelers to Israel

Currently CDC recommends that all travelers to Israel be fully vaccinated against polio given the recent outbreaks in certain parts of the country.  For further information see We recommend that all children 5 years or younger be up to date with their polio vaccination status, and makeRead More >

2018-2019 seasonal flu shots are here!

We have received our 2018-2019 seasonal flu vaccines.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend seasonal flu shots for children 6 months and older and especially if there are chronic medical issues such as asthma, heart issues, or diabetes.  It’s also highly recommended that all household contacts of newborns (parents, siblings, caregivers) get vaccinated with the flu shot to protectRead More >